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Essae Weighing scales and systems meet the needs of manufacturing and process control in all the areas of the chemical industry including segments such as petrochemicals, fertilizers, intermediates, fine chemicals, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc.  Essae's weighing solutions are ideal for use in sensitive and explosive environments in any particular chemical industrial setting as they are designed to meet the highest safety standards of the industry. The weighing needs for each step of the operations, inclusive of raw material reception and storage, reaction, formulation, quality control, production and formulation, RnD, packaging, and shipping are met. Quality Control: Essae weighing scales & balances / Essae precision balances perform quality control on raw material samples right from their reception at the store.  Liquid Weighing: Essae tank weighing system [load cells and console] enables liquids to be weighed into tanks for manufacturing processes.  Formulation / Batching operations: Essae system indicator with load cells can be used for manual or automatic formulation operations and batch processing operations including dosing, mixing, etc., Ship Weighing: Essae's range of products cater to the needs of check weighing from label printing to routine weighing and checking heavy loads.  With Essae weighing systems at the core of the manufacturing system, processes are optimized and productivity maximized.

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