Precision Balance

Precision Balance

Based on Tuning Fork Technology, the AJ-series Precision Balance offers Superior Performance & Precision much needed in Industrial & Jewellery markets. An extensive range of models offers a wide choice to Customers to meet any need of Precision Weighing in these Industries.

Salient Features


Remote Display
Bar graph display


Innovative design in compact body
Options for modes and units
Comparator function
Quick-assembly shield


Charger with Battery (12V/1.3Ah)

Technical Specifications

Weighing units g, ct
Power source AC 230V DC9V
Output RS-232C (standard)
Measuring system Tuning-Fork Frequency Sensing (MMTS)
Tare Full weighing range
Calibration With external calibration weight
Display LCD (height: 16.5 mm)
Modes weighing, counting, %

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