GPS Synchronized Clocks

Essae GPS Synchronized Clocks represent a pinnacle in time management, harnessing the precision of atomic clocks and the global positioning capabilities of GPS satellites. Here's how the system works:

GPS Satellite Signals: GPS satellites orbiting the Earth are equipped with highly accurate atomic clocks. These satellites continuously transmit time signals along with positioning information.

  • Reception by Essae GPS Clocks: GPS clocks receive these time signals from multiple GPS satellites. By triangulating the signals from different satellites, the clocks determine their exact position on Earth and precisely synchronize their internal timekeeping mechanisms.
  • Atomic Clock Precision:Atomic clocks are known for their exceptional accuracy, often measured in nanoseconds or even picoseconds. GPS clocks leverage this precision to ensure that they maintain accurate timekeeping over extended periods.
  • Wireless Synchronization: The master clock on the ground communicates with Essae GPS clocks via radio frequency (RF) signals. This wireless communication ensures that all clocks within the system receive consistent time updates, thereby synchronizing their time displays.
  • Operational Efficiency:By providing organizations with synchronized timekeeping across multiple locations, Essae GPS synchronized clocks enhance operational efficiency. Whether it's coordinating activities across different facilities or ensuring accurate timestamps for critical operations, the precise timekeeping offered by these clocks is invaluable.

Essae GDT100-6 with 100mm Red LED Display housed in a Stainless Steel (SS-304) enclosure shows time in HH:MM:SS format.

Salient Features

Display height

100 mm

Display Color



Wall mounting



Technical Specifications

Schematic Diagram
gdt 57flp big
Enclosure Stainless steel SS-304
Dimension (LxHxD) 614x180x39 (mm)

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