Precision Weighing Balance

AX Series Precision Weighing Balance

The Essae AX Series is equipped to meet the highest standards of Speed, Reliability and Compliance. Designed to deliver the best weighing results each time every time, laboratory work flows & processes are rendered to be more efficient and accurate when it is about precision in Analytical testing and quantitive analysis in laboratories, manufacturing as per QC, academic research, etc, AX precision balance offers high-resolution solutions at phenomenal value.

Salient Features

Weight Sensor

Single Block with EMFR Technology.


White LED.

Inbuilt Battery

Lithium Ion

Serial Print

Selectable Printing Format

Technical Specifications

Model number AX-220 AX-320 AX-620
Maximum weighing capacity 200 g 320 g 620 g
Readability 0.001 g 0.001 g 0.001 g
Display resolution 2,20,000 3,20,000 6,20,000
Platter Size Dia 110 mm
Draft Shield Included
Model number AX-1200 AX-2200 AX-3200
Maximum weighing capacity 1200 g 2200 g 3200 g
Readability 0.01 g 0.01 g 0.01 g
Display resolution 1,20,000 2,20,000 3,20,000
Platter Size 160mmX160mm
Weight sensor Electro Magnetic Force Restoration Technology (EMFRT)
Operating temperature 10°C to 40°C
Display White LED, 14 mm [Height]
Power supply -AC/DC Adaptor Input -230V AC, 50 Hz, +/-10%
Output -9.5V DC, @1.2A
Max Watt -11W
Battery (Option) 11 W adaptor with 7.4/2.2Ah lithium ion Battery
Standard feature
  • Standard serial Print: 80-column, 40-column,label print
  • Selectable Serial print format
  • RTC: Real time date printout.
  • Record & Retrieve up to 1000 weight data
  • RS-232 Interface
  • Calibration method Software calibration (External Weight)
    Tare Range Full Capacity
    Repeatability/Verification interval Lineariy +/- 1d
    +/- 2d
    Dimensions without draft shield, with platter (Width x Depth X Height) 190mm x 275mm x 96mm (Table top)
    Gross weight (balance only) 2 to 2.3 Kg (table top)
    Weighing Units Grams (Default)
    Yarn,Hang,Roving,Sliver(Conversion Factors for Textile Segment)

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