Table Top Weighing Scale

Table Top Weighing Scales

A Compact & Precise Industrial Scale ideal for Manufacturing Operations. It features a Superior Industrial Design and an optional RS-232 Interface to Customer’s Host Systems.

Salient Features


Large and bright green vacuum fluorescent display


High resolution A/D convertor
SMT technology
Compliance with EMI/EMC regulations

Model DS-450
Description Digital scale
Weight sensor Load cell
Processor Microcomputer
Keyboard No. of keys - 6 keys
MOC – Polyester
Display type VFD (vacuum fluorescent display)
Display size 13 mm
Display digits 6 digits
Calibration method Software calibration
Power supply 230v,AC, 50 Hz
Power consumption 13W
Operating temperature 0°c ~ 45°c
Operating humidity Max. 85 % RH ( Non - condensing)

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