Table Top Weighing Scale

Table Top Weighing Scales

Elegant in design, compact in size, The Essae DS-450N Table Top Weighing Scales is a compact and precise industrial scale tailored for manufacturing operations. This Industrial scale is designed to occupy minimal space while still providing precise measurements. This compactness is advantageous in manufacturing settings where space may be limited or where multiple scales need to be accommodated within a confined area. The scale boasting a superior industrial design, is engineered to deliver precise readings, ensuring consistency and reliability in the manufacturing process. This design ensures longevity and robustness, capable of withstanding the rigors of industrial usage.

Further DS-450N, offers an optional RS-232 interface, allowing seamless integration with the customer's host systems. The optional RS-232 interface indicates that the scale can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of the customer's operations including diverse manufacturing needs.It can be utilized for various tasks such as weighing raw materials, components, finished products, or packaging materials, contributing to efficient production processes and quality assurance.

The compact and precise industrial scale that DS-450N is, it indeed is a versatile solution for manufacturing operations, offering reliability, accuracy, and adaptability to meet the evolving needs of modern manufacturing environments.

Salient Features


Bright Green LED display


High resolution A/D convertor
SMT technology
Compliance with EMI/EMC regulations

Model DS-450N
Description Digital scale
Weight sensor Load cell
Processor Microcomputer
No. of keys 6 keys
Display type Pure Green LED
Display size 14 mm
Display digits 6 digits
Calibration method Software calibration
Power supply 230v,AC, 50 Hz
Power consumption 6W
Operating temperature 0°c ~ 45°c
Operating humidity Max. 85 % RH ( Non - condensing)

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