Best Weighing Machine

Best Weighing Machine

The Weighing Machine is ideal for sea food, pharmacy and chemical industries.

Salient Features

Water Resistant

Full SS platform


Wash down construction compiles with
IP67 indicator and alloy steel load cell
suitable for harsh environment


Capacity 6 kg -600 kg

Technical Specifications

Model Capacity (kg) Accuracy (g) Plateform size(mm)
Bench scale 6/15/30 0.5/1/2 360x276
Single Load cell platform
6/15/30 1/1/2 400x400
50/60/100/150 5/5/10/10 450x550
100/150/300 10/10/20 550x650
300/600 20/50 700x800
Four Load cell platform 600/1000/1500 100/200/200 1000x1200,1200x1500
Low Profile platform 150/300/600 20/50/100 600x600,850x850
600/1000/1500 100/200/200 1250x1250,1500x1500

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