Best Weighing Machine

Best Weighing Machine

A high Performance Industrial Platform Scale engineered and built fully out of Stainless Steel SS-304. It is the perfect choice for the Food Industry, which demands a high level of hygiene & Low Maintenance. Its unique Industrial Design makes it highly Reliable & Rugged in the above Industries. It also comes in a low height profile version with optional ramp thus enabling easy weighments for large items.

Its wide choice of Capacity, Accuracy & Platform sizes along with multiple Interface options and Accessories makes it easy to expand the usage and connectivity in Industrial environment.
The DX-451HP version is IP-67 compliant and is ideal for the Pharmaceutical, Seafood & Chemical Industries which demand a high degree of corrosion resistance.

Salient Features

Water Resistant

Full SS platform


Wash down construction compiles with
IP67 indicator and alloy steel load cell
suitable for harsh environment


Capacity 6 kg -1500 kg

Technical Specifications

Model Capacity (kg) Accuracy (g) Plateform size(mm)
Bench scale 6/15/30 0.5/1/2 360x280
Single Load cell platform
6/15/30 1/1/2 400x400
50/60/100/150 5/5/10/10 450x550
100/150/300 10/10/20 550x650
300/600 20/50 700x800
Four Load cell platform 600/1000/1500 100/200/200 1000x1200,1200x1500
Low Profile platform 150/300/600 20/50/100 600x600,850x850
600/1000/1500 100/200/200 1250x1250,1500x1500

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