Platform Scale

Platform Weighing Machine

A high Performance Industrial Platform Scale engineered and built fully out of Stainless Steel SS-304. It is the perfect choice for the Food Industry, which demands a high level of hygiene & Low Maintenance. Its unique Industrial Design makes it highly Reliable & Rugged in the above Industries. It also comes in a low height profile version with optional ramp thus enabling easy weighments for large items.

Its wide choice of Capacity, Accuracy & Platform sizes along with multiple Interface options and Accessories makes it easy to expand the usage and connectivity in Industrial environment.
The DS-451HP version is IP-67 compliant and is ideal for the Pharmaceutical, Seafood & Chemical Industries which demand a high degree of corrosion resistance.

Salient Features

Water Resistant

Fully SS-304 console


Wide choice of platform size and MOC available
Single and four load cell versions available
High resolution up to 1/30000
Optional set point function

Technical Specifications

Model number DS-451
Description Digital scale
Weighing unit kg ( kilo gram)
Display resolution Max. of 1/15,000 (selectable)
Internal resolution 1/6,00,000
Processor 8-bit micro-computer
ADC 24-bit precision delta-sigma
Power supply 230 V AC, 50 Hz, +/-10%
Operating temperature 0°C to 45 °C
Operating humidity Max. 85% Rh (non - condensing)
Console MOC Stainless Steel SS-304
Type - VFD (Vacuum florescent display)
Color - Green
No. of digit & Size - 6 digits, 13 mm height
Key Board
Type - Tact switch
No. of Keys - 6 keys
Material of construction - Polyester

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