Tank Weighing Scale

Tank Weighing System

Process-oriented Industries very often need to weigh their Ingredients or Products in large Vessels or Tanks.Essae tank weighing system is designed to provide simple solutions for such applications. It comes with powerful Indicator with time-tested Load Cell Kits. This system is suitable for all indoor as well as outdoor applications. All hardware is designed to meet the rigours of harsh environment and ensure smooth installation and maintenance. The weigh indicator is feature rich to cater to all levels of automation including interlinking with PLC OR AUTOMATING THE ENTIRE PROCESS and with host of other welcome features.

Salient Features


Easy maintenance


Wide choice of Indicator options


Fully Stainless steel(SS-304)

Technical Specifications

Model Capacity (kg) Accuracy (g) Load cell Kit MOC
300 100 3 Local Cell SS
1500 500
3000 1000
6000 2000
10000 5000
300 100 4 Local Cell
1500 500
3000 1000
6000 2000
10000 5000
600 100 3 Local Cell
600 100 4 Local Cell
600 200 3 Local Cell
600 200 4 Local Cell

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