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The Essae DS-252 is a basic entry-level >Electronic Weighing Scale designed primarily for general retail weighing applications. The DS-252 is positioned as an entry-level weighing scale, which implies it offers essential functionality without overly complex features.

The scale is equipped with a dual red LED display, providing clear visibility of the weight readings from various angles, which is crucial in retail settings where both the customer and the operator need to see the weight.

Available in Table top type, It offers flexibility with a choice between inbuilt or pole-type customer displays. This allows retailers to choose the display configuration that best fits their specific needs and space constraints.

  • Rechargeable Battery:The DS-252 is equipped with a rechargeable battery, which is particularly useful in retail environments where mobility or backup power is necessary. This feature ensures uninterrupted operation even during power outages or when the scale needs to be moved to different locations within the store.
  • Suited for General Retail Weighing:Given its features and design, the DS-252 is best suited for general retail weighing applications. It can be used in various retail settings such as grocery stores, markets, sweet shops, bakeries and / or other establishments where weighing items for sale is a common practice.

Salient Features

Available in 3 formats

Bench, Table Top & Pole Type


Easy to see display under bright sunshine or even under dim light


Large platter with weighing capacity upto 50kg

Technical Specifications

Power supply 230V AC, 50Hz
Power consumption 6W
Display type 7 Segment LED display
Display digit 6 Digits.
Display size 0.56" [14.22 mm.]
Number of keys 5 Keys
Battery 6V / 4Ah Rechargeable
Dual display In-built
Bench Scale
Sl No. Capacity (kg) Resolution Accuracy (g) Platter size (mm) Platter MOC
1 7.5/15 1/7500 1/2 370 370 SS
2 15/30 1/6200 2/5 370 370 SS
3 25/50 1/5000 5/10 370 370 SS
Table top
Sl No. Capacity (kg) Resolution Accuracy (g) Platter size (mm) Platter MOC
1 1 1/10000 0.1 140 Dia 140 Dia SS
2 3 1/6000 0.5 302 227 SS
3 6 1/6000 1 302 227 SS
4 7.5/15 1/7500 1/2 302 227 SS
5 15/30 1/6200 2/5 302 227 SS
6 7.5/15/30 1/6000 1/2/5 302 227 SS

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