Counting Scale

Weight Counting Scale

Essae DC810/815 Weight Counting Scales play a pivotal role in various industries, serving as indispensable tools for maintaining efficiency, accuracy, and quality across different sectors. Powerful & Feature rich, yet user friendly, It’s optional Wi-Fi LAN Connectivity enables seamless Integration with Customer’s ERP Systems.

Manufacturing Industry:In manufacturing, precision is paramount to uphold consistent quality and efficiency throughout the production process. Essae weight counting machines aid in accurately measuring and counting components, parts, or materials required for assembly or production. By ensuring precise measurements, these scales help manufacturers minimize waste, optimize inventory management, and uphold product quality standards.

Logistics and Warehousing Sector:DC 810/815 Counting scales are essential for inventory management and logistics operations in warehouses and distribution centres. These scales enable accurate counting of items, such as products, parts, or packages, facilitating efficient stock-taking processes. By providing accurate inventory counts, counting scales help prevent stock outs, reduce excess inventory, and enhance overall warehouse efficiency. Moreover, they streamline order fulfilment and packing processes by ensuring that the correct quantities of items are picked and packed for shipment.

Overall, counting scales are indispensable across manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, and retail sectors, contributing to improved operational efficiency, inventory accuracy, and customer satisfaction. Their ability to provide precise measurements and counts significantly enhances productivity and reduces the risk of errors in various industrial and commercial applications.

Salient Features


Bright LCD display with green LED back light High contrast display for easy viewing in any lighting conditions


Alphanumeric Keyboard for easy navigation Dual weighing platform connectivity

Easy to Use

Easy loading of label roll Less wastage of labels during calibration

Technical Specifications

Memory 4MB Flash
Number of Keys 55 (Mechanical type)
Interfaces 1 x RS-232 Serial, 1 x Ethernet, USB port for keyboard or Scanner
Optional : Second platform, 2 Colour Tower Lamp, Buzzer
Display Type Graphic Dot-matrix LCD with back light
Printing Speed 80 mm/Sec
Label roll diameter (Max) Outer : 120 mm
Inner : 28 mm
Label thickness (Max) 170 microns
Label width & length (Min ~ Max) 25~54 mm, 25~110 mm
Physical dimension 490 mm x 360 mm x 450 mm (Table Top)

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