weigher scale

Weigher Scale

DS-215HD, Essae’s platform Weigher Scales / floor scales / heavy-duty scales are versatile solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of Manufacturing industries and bulk weighing.

Tailored for bulk weighing applications, Essae Industrial scales allow Industries to accurately measure large quantities of materials such as raw ingredients, finished products, or freight items. Highly adaptive in design, Essae range of Heavy duty Industrial scales find easy acceptance in various industries and processes. Whether it's logistics, manufacturing, or other industrial applications, these scales can accommodate different requirements and environments enhancing operational efficiency.

The use of a weldless steel enclosure ensures long durability. This construction technique eliminates the need for welds. As a result, the scale is more robust and better equipped to withstand the rigors of industrial use. This is particularly important in industries such as food processing, where cleanliness is essential to prevent contamination and maintain product quality. The scale features a bright green display, offering clear visibility of weight readings. This high-contrast display is easy to read even in various lighting conditions, enhancing user convenience and reducing the risk of errors during weighing operations.

Said features apart, Essae Industrial Heavy-duty Industrial Platform scale DS-215HD is enabled with several features aimed at both aesthetics and functionality. This design approach enhances user experience and adds a touch of sophistication to the weighing equipment. The scale is equipped with a long-lasting battery, providing extended usage without the need for mains power supply. This feature ensures uninterrupted operation.

With capacities ranging from 30 kg up to 2,000 kg, Essae's scales can accommodate a broad spectrum of weighing needs, from smaller loads to heavy freight. This flexibility allows industries to choose the appropriate scale based on their specific requirements.

  • In-Built Thermal Printer: The thermal printer is integrated into the weighing scale indicator of 215HD. Thermal printing is commonly used in such applications due to its speed, reliability, and low maintenance requirements. The thermal printer produces printed slips or receipts containing information about the weight measurement. These slips could include details such as the weight value, date and time of measurement, unit of measurement, and any other relevant information.

For heavy-duty applications, Essae 215HD is tailor made to withstand rigorous use and accurately weigh heavy freight or materials. This rugged construction ensures reliability and longevity, even in demanding industrial

Salient Features


Bright green display for clarity


long battery backup


RS-232, Bluetooth, virtual COM Port as Factory options.

Optional Printer

Specification: 2 inch direct thermal, 32 character/16 character bold Speed 50mm/sec, Manual cutter

Paper: Width 57.7mm (Thermal Paper),

Printable width 48mm, Maximum Diameter 40mm

Technical Specifications

Model number DS-215HD
Description Digital Weighing scale
Weighing unit g or kg
Display resolution Max. of 1/10,000 (selectable)
Internal resolution 1/6,00,000
Processor 8-bit micro-computer
ADC 24-bit precision delta-sigma
Weight sensor Load cell
Display Type LED (Light Emitting Diode)
Display Color Green
No. of digit & Size 6 digits, 0.56” [14.22 mm]
Indications 3 (2x5 mm flat Green LEDs) Zero, Tare, Bat

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