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The Ultrasonic Milk Analyzer Machine by Essae makes it easy to monitor the fat, SNF and water content of your milk, as well as the density of your milk, without having to send samples off to be tested or waiting days or weeks for test results to come back. This machine works by analyzing the sound waves produced by an ultrasonic wave transmitted through your milk sample, using these waves to determine key properties of your milk. With this data, you can make real-time adjustments to your milking process in order to increase yields and quality of your milk.

MA-815 is setting a new standard in milk analysis. Based on ultrasonic technology, the device is made for superior performance. It has a bright green LCD screen display with a user-friendly interface. Designed to be compact, it's currenlty accessible in 2 variations, both in SS 304 and sturdy moulded ABS(plastic) Housing. It has a manual and auto cleaning option.

Salient Features

Manual Cleaning for Superior Performance

Faster Measurements

DATA Format

Selectable DATA format for easy interface with any DPU & Dairy software

High Precision for High Fat Milk


Cleaning & Calibration records for service with Time stamp

Technical Specifications

Model MA-815 MA-815SS
Ultrasonic Sensor
Measuring Time
38 sec @30°C Milk Temperature
Milk Acidity
<25° T ( degree Thorn)
Milk Temperature
10 ~ 40°C
Milk Sample Volume
25 ml
2 x 20 Character LCD Display with Green Backlight
4 Keys
Power                           AC Voltage
160 V ~ 270 V /50 Hz
                                         DC Voltage
12 V ~ 14.2 V DC / 3.5 A
40 W
                                         DC Cable
DIN connector with cable length of 1.8 meter
Environment           Ambient Air Temperature
10 ~ 40°C
                                        Relative Humidity
30 ~ 80%
1 x RS-232 Serial with Cable
Manual & Auto
Physical Dimension
138 (W) x 265 (D) x 276 (H) mm
138 (W) x 251 (D) x 275 (H) mm
2.9 kg
3.65 kg

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