Counter Scale

Counter Scale

For Essae DS-75 Counter Weighing Scale ,Simplicity is its strength. It offers several features that cater to efficiency, ease of use, accuracy, and prolonged usage without the need for mains power supply. It is perfectly placed to make Retail businesses like Service counter, fresh produce, bakery and sweets outlets, provision stores etc more competitive with the best possible scale equipment for weighing. Some of the prominent features include

  • Simple and Efficient Design: The Essae DS-75 is designed to be straightforward and efficient in its operation, making it easy for users to weigh items quickly and accurately. The scale features a dual display system, showing the weight measurement on both the front and back sides of the scale. The green colour of the display may enhance visibility and readability in various lighting conditions.
  • Rechargeable Battery: Being equipped with a rechargeable battery ensures that the scale can be used continuously for long usage without Mains power supply, providing cost savings and environmental benefits. This feature offers flexibility and portability, making it suitable for environments where access to power outlets may be limited or where mobility is necessary.
  • The combination of its features- simplicity, efficiency, accuracy, dual display, and long battery life - is intended to enhance customer satisfaction, meeting the needs of users in settings such as retail stores, bakeries, grocery outlets, sweetmeat shops, condiments etc.

Salient Features


inbuilt dual pole type bright green led display


long lasting back uptime of 50 hrs (when battery fully charged)


optional RS-232

Technical Specifications

Model DS-75
Physical dimension 345(L) mm x 428(W) mm x 407(H) mm
Weight sensor Load Cell
Processor Micro Controller
Display 7 Segment Bright Green Display
Display size 14.22 mm(0.56")
Display digits 6 Digits
Indications Zero, Tare, Batt, Unit
Calibration method Automatic Software Calibration
Power supply 230V AC, 50Hz
Power consumption 6W
Accuracy class Class III
Platter size 340 mm x 280 mm
Platter material Stainless Steel
Battery Inbuilt 6V / 4AH Rechargeable type with more than 50 hours backup (under full charge conditions)
Factory option RS-232 Serial Interface

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