Weighing Machine With Printer

Weighing Machine With Printer

The Essae SI810PR Receipt Printing Scale/Weighing Machine With Printer offers a comprehensive set of features suitable for various retail environments.

Breakdown of its key features and functionalities:

  • Large Graphical DOT Matrix LCD: The scale is equipped with a sizable display with green backlighting, enhancing visibility even in different lighting conditions.
  • Customer Display: In addition to the main display, there's a large rear customer display, ensuring that both the customer and the operator can easily view the information being displayed.
  • User-Friendly Keypad: The tact switch keypad features large, easy-to-use keys, making operation intuitive and efficient for the user.
  • Dual Power Options: The scale can operate using either its internal rechargeable battery or mains power, providing flexibility in various settings. The internal battery offers extended hours of continuous use, and a power-saving feature helps prolong battery life during periods of inactivity.
  • Tare Functionality: The 'Tare' function enables users to deduct the weight of containers, bags, bowls, or boxes, allowing for accurate measurement of the net contents.
  • Zero Function: The 'Zero' function resets the scale for a new transaction, ensuring accurate measurements each time.
  • Compact and Durable Design:The scale is designed to be compact yet durable, making it suitable for use in demanding retail environments such as supermarkets, hypermarkets, independent retailers, and individual counters.
  • Various Capacities:With capacities ranging from 6kg to 30kg, the Essae SI810PR is versatile and capable of handling a wide range of products and quantities.

Technical Specifications

Model SI-810PR
Capacity / Accuracy 6 kg/1 g , 15 kg/2 g , 30 kg/5 g
Resolution 1/6000 , 1/7500 , 1/6000
Display Type Graphical Dot Matrix LCD with Green Back Light
No. of keys Total Keys - 55 tact switch, Preset keys - 30 x 3
Memory capacity 2MB
Processor 32-bit ARM processor
Power source Power Supply - 230V AC , 50Hz , 30W MAX
Battery 12V/3.4Ah Rechargeable
Standard interface 2 X USB Port Interface Keyboard/Scanner, RS232 - 1Nos
Factory option Ethernet Interface
Paper width 2 Inch direct thermal
Printing speed 50 mm/sec
Paper size Paper Width 57.5 mm, Maximum 40 mm dia
Application Software PLU Mapping , PLU Manager , User Manager , Backup etc.
Reports Total sales, PLU sales, Department sales, Group sales, Hourly sales, Operator sales, Bill summary, Inventory, PLU Price override, Bill cancellation, PLU Reference, PLU Re-order, Non-Cash, Total sales summary.
Dimensions (mm) 490mm(H) X 360mm(W) X 450mm(D)
Material of construction Top housing plastic Base Plate : MS powder coated

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