Platform Scale Weighing Machine

Platform Type Weighing Scale

For simple or sophisticated weighing tasks, 415 offers wide range & choice of platform sizes, multiple interface options additive capacity, Accuracy scope along with accessories. Ideal pick for both retail and industrial environment.


Bright Green LED Display with additional Jumbo display, remote & wall mounted display as accessories

Factory Options

Virtual COM port (USB)

RS-232 Interface

Set point

Printer connectivity

Can be interfaced with Essae DP-810 printer


RS-232 to USB cable assembly

External set point - relay output

25 mm / 50 mm Jumbo Display

Remote Display : Table / Wall mounting

Technical Specifications

Power supply 230V AC, 50Hz
Power consumption 6W
Display type Pure Green LED
Display(Numeric) 6 Digits
Display size 14 mm
No. of Keys 5 keys
Rechargeable battery 7.4 V Lithium ion

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