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Electronic Weighing Scale Balance & System

Weighing Scale

DS-415N Bench Scale

6Kg to 50Kg weighing capacity

DS-415N Platform Scale

Serial interface for computer connectivity

DS-65 Counter Scale

Elegant style, ideal for retail counters

DS-852 Weighing Scale

Large and bright fluorescent display

DS-252 Weighing Scale

Best suited for general retail

BS-250 Baby Scale

Rechargeable battery

DS-215N Platform Scale

Wide choice of platform size

DS-75 Counter Scale

Excellent viewing angle

DS-75PC Price Computing Scale

Bright blue display

DS-415 Smile

Electronic coin operated scale

DS-215SS Platform Scale

Red display. Excellent battery backup

DS-450 Table Top Weighing Scale

Small footprint, ideal for packing industries

DS-450SS Bench Scale

Fully SS-304 construction

DS-451 Platform Scale

Bright green Vaccum Fluorescent Display

DS-451HP Weighing Scale

Fully SS304 grade construction

DS-215 Hanging Scale

Red display. SS Housing

DS-215N Trolley Scale

Portable scale with LED display

DS-673 Weighing Scale

Special splash-proof technology

DS-315 Series Crane Scale

Weighing capacity ranges from 1 ton to 20 tonnes

DS-515 Weighing Scale

Standard serial interface for OPOS connectivity

DS-450CW Check Weigher Scale

Powered by color graphic indicator

DS-215-252 DGS & D

Best suited for general retail

Industrial Counting Scale

DC-810 Counting, Barcode Printing Scale

With Barcode label printer

DC-85 Counting Scale

Capacity: 300g - 30Kg

DC-851 Counting Scale

Capacity: 60Kg - 6tonne

DS-252C Counting Scale

Best suited for general retail

Retail Printer Scale

DC-810 Counting, Barcode Printing Scale

Graphic Dot-matrix LCD

SI-810 Label Printing Scale

Weighing capacity 6Kg, 15Kg & 31Kg

SM-100 Series Label Printing Scale

Integrated high speed bar code label printer

SI-810PR Receipt Printing

Fully SS-304 construction. 3000 PLUs

Weighing System & Solutions

DC-810 Counting, Barcode Printing Scale

Less wastage of labels during calibration

SI-810 Label Printing Scale

Weighing capacity 6Kg, 15Kg & 31Kg

DS-451TW Tank/Vessel Weighing

300Kg to 10 tonne weighing capacity

DS-451 Milk Weighing

Fully stainless steel construction

SI-810 System Scale Bench Type

Powerful ARM processor

SI-810 System Scale Platform Type

32-bit ARM processor

Weighing Balance

HT-HTR Series Analytical Balance

Tuning fork technology

MX-50 Moisture Analyzer

Test with the best!

GR-202 Analytical Semi Micro Balance

Upto to 0.01 mg of semi-micro weighing

AJ Series Precision Balance

220Kg to 12Kg weighing capacity

PG-FB Precision Balance

MFRT technology

Point of Sale (POS) System

Self-Service KIOSK

IK-319 Series Information

Information Kiosk GK-Series

GPS Clock

Milk Analyser

MA-810 Milk Analyser