Essae GPS Clock

Salient Features

Synchronized Time

GPS satellite synchronized time. Manual setting/adjustment not required

Uniform & Accurate

Uniform and accurate time across devices

LED Display Size

LED display sizes ranging from 20mm to 200mm

Easy To Use

Completely wireless solution. Savings on expensive cabling costs.

Quick Installation

Significantly reduce the installation time

Flame Proof

Flame-proof enclosures available for Hazardous areas


Stainless steel (SS-304) housing.


Available in table-top and wall-mount

Time Zone

Available in 32 time zones and automatic day-light savings adjustment


Ensures compliance to USFDA audit guidelines in Pharmaceutical Industries

Essae GPS Clock

Clock that adhere to the modern times. Our GPS Clock are the best in the market.


Bus Station

Railway Station



Laboratory & Research

Defence (Air, Land & Sea)

Surveying & Mapping