The Master Unit receives highly accurate Atomic time information from a network of GPS satellites to transmit the same at regular intervals to all Display Clocks within a range of 400m radius through Wireless Radio Frequency (RF) signals. Apart from receiving Time signals from the Master units via RF, all Display Clocks also have function to retransmit the Time signals via RF to other nearby clocks within a range of 400 m. Depending on the site layout, Area & Distance, the optimum number of Master & Clock units need to be decided to ensure full coverage.

Salient Features

GPS satellites

Receives atomic time from network of GPS satellites.


Re-transmits the time to clocks through wireless RF frequency band of 866MHz.

Distance range

200m (line of sight) depends on site conditions.


Needs to be installed in a location with easy/direct access to the sky.


Schematic Diagram


Enclosure HIPS plastic
Dimensions (LxHxD) 147x213x46 (mm) with antenna
Others GPS receiver module
  866MHz wireless transmitter
  ± 1sec accuracy
  400m range (Line of Sight)