The DS-252PC is the perfect choice for a Price Computing Scale much needed in Retail counters which sell Food items by Weight. The Dual Pole-type Blue Display shows the Weight, Unit Price & Amount which makes it very easy for the Customer to understand in Retail counters.

The unique Styling & Design of this model makes it ideal for Counter Weighment in Food counters such as Sweet Shops, Bakery, Fruits & Vegetable outlets etc.

Salient Features

Dust-proof Housing

Elevated-type Dust-proof printer housing


High speed reliable printer

Uploading / Downloading

Upload and download PLU, Header/ Footer and TAX settings through PC appl ication software

LED display

High bright RED LED display for operator and customer


In-built Rechargeable battery

Technical Specifications


No of PLUs / items 300
Preset keys / Hot keys 5x2
TAX/ VAT rates 3
Power supply 230 VAC, 50 Hz
Power consumption 6 W max
Physical dimension 304(W) x 382(D) x 395(H) mm
Display type 7 Segment RED LED
Display digit and size 19 digits, 10 mm height
Number of keys 25 (Alphanumeric)
Rechargeable Battery 6 V/4 Ah
Reports PLU sales, Total sales and PLU dump